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Wedding fireworks

Are you organizing a wedding? Do you want to surprise the newlyweds by fireworks? We can offer you the wedding fireworks according to your wishes.

Professional wedding fireworks

We prepare, deliver and launch the wedding fireworks composed of professional pyrotechnics. We make representative small, medium and large fireworks (exterior, interior, synchronized with music, confetti, ...), affordable to the general public. We make the fireworks according to your individual wishes and requirements. After the fireworks, we of course clean the affected area. Just contact us and we arrange everything you need for small, medium or large fireworks.



Consumer wedding fireworks


For smaller weddings and celebrations is the optimal choice a single ignition set of pyrotechnics. The fireworks are set off by a customer without our assistance. (For this action you don't need any permission.) After ignition of the only one safety fuse, the products are successively set off. It creates a mix of various colours effects (palm, willow, fish, flower, peony, ...) in the sky, lasting for several minutes. You can order these sets in our e-shop www.pyrotechnika.cz, price from 2,590 CZK including VAT.

Wedding sign / Heart of fire

A surprising gift for the newlyweds can be a sign on the ground, created from fire. The sign can be a part of fireworks or stand alone. We will create a sign according to your wish (“GOOD LUCK”, “I LOVE YOU”, names of newlyweds, date, etc.) The sign burns about 90 seconds and can be made of  five colours.



Sky lanterns

You can variegate you wedding day programme with popular coloured sky lanterns.

Wedding confetti

Confetti can be used in exterior or interior. Confetti would create a festive atmosphere when taking wedding photos. Confetti fireworks can be purchased in several different colours.