Ohňostroje Krupička
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Garden fireworks

Are you organizing a party? Even in your garden, by a restaurant or a club, you can perform high-quality fireworks.

Turnkey implementation (price: from 20,000 CZK)

We prepare the fireworks, arrange the formalities regarding the higher hazard classes, bring the fireworks, launch it and in the end clean the affected area. This option allows the use of interior products P2, T2 or professional pyrotechnics class III and IV and category 4. The launch is performed by a CBU licence holder. If the space is insufficient for conventional large-scale effects, we use the products generating ground effects (the fiery sun, fountains, flames, Roman candles, confetti ...). Performance may be accompanied by a fiery sign or logo. We can also prepare fireworks as a surprise for the honoured person. We choose a hidden place and prepare everything unnoticed. When cooperating with agencies, we understand the wish not to disclose our identity to the clients. Fireworks can be realized under the name of the company organizing the program of celebrations.



Consumer fireworks (price: from 1,000 CZK)

We prepare fireworks as a set of high-quality and most impressive pyrotechnic products with simple operation and initiation. We deliver or send the set to the destination. The fireworks are set off by a customer without our assistance. (For this action you don't need any permission.) The set consists of several cakes connected by safety fuse. After ignition of the only one safety fuse, the products are successively set off. It creates a mix of various colours effects (palm, willow, fish, flower, peony, ...) in the sky, lasting for several minutes. You can order these sets in our e-shop www.pyrotechnika.cz, price from 2,590 CZK including VAT.




Daytime fireworks (price: from 155 CZK)

Confetti would create a festive atmosphere for celebrations held before dusk (children's parties, carnivals, parades, weddings, ...). Daytime confetti fireworks shoot unicolour or multicolored paper and aluminum ribbons, flakes, shaped pieces (heart, star, disc, ...).